North Canterbury couple wins $100,000

A North Canterbury couple plan to pay off some of their mortgage after winning $100,000 in cash from Bonus Bonds.

The husband and wife, who wish to remain anonymous, won the money in the January draw.

They are also excited to be able to shout their overseas family a trip to New Zealand with the money.

“My mother lives on the other side of the world and I haven’t seen her in over eight years, so that will be really special,” she said.

She received the call from ANZ one Friday afternoon letting her know she had won the money.

“I left work early that day as I couldn’t get anything done after that phone call. Even though it had been confirmed, I spent the weekend doubting it.

“It wasn’t until we received the letter of congratulations and champagne at the bank on Monday that it started to feel real,” she said.

To date the youngest Bonus Bonds holder to win $1 million was just three years old and the oldest was 92.