The $100 question

CHALLANGE: City councillor Aaron Keown is hanging on to the $100 he had on offer. PHOTO: GEOFF SLOAN

Aaron Keown still has the $100 he promised to give the person who could identify a worse intersection than the Harewood, Gardiners and Breens Rds junction.

Cr Keown issued the challenge in a bid to strengthen his belief the Bishopdale intersection was the worst in the city.

Two people, Ashley Harvey and Hamish Middleton, both of Northwood, came forward to claim the $100. They said the Neill St, Canterbury St and Main South Rd intersection in Hornby met the requirements.

But Cr Keown said that intersection was no worse than the Harewood, Gardiners and Breens Rds junction, so therefore no payout.

“It’s got to be worse, it can’t just be the same. More lanes to cross or more kids in the area,” he said.

The intersection covers 10 lanes like the Bishopdale intersection and is near The Hub Hornby and Sockburn School.

“That intersection isn’t on the radar for a change, maybe that’s why it’s been a suggestion . . . I’m interested to look at it next.”