Sumner skate ramp now quiet

Sumner residents have come out strongly for the Wakefield Ave skate ramp to be left where it is.

Last week, Bay Harbour News reported concerns of Sumner Re Treat owners Chris and Roydon Gage-Smart who said the skate ramp had created serious noise issues and was impacting on their business.

But reaction to their bid to move the skate ramp to another site has been swift and sharp.

Bay Harbour News has received numerous readers’ responses – the vast majority saying it needs to stay where it is.

City council head of compliance Tracey Weston said a noise reading had not been taken for the skate ramp because it had not been used in the past week or so.

“Council will continue to be in regular contact with the principal complainant to determine when the ramp is in use to enable effective monitoring.”

The ramp was not consented, so this month the city council ordered it to be either removed, consented or reduced in size.

But that order was put on hold, after the city council discovered it had been built using a transitional city grant.

It was allowed to stay until the noise test had been completed, but it is unknown when that will be done.

Mrs Gage-Smart said the ramp had been much quieter since last week’s story featured.

“The whole decision of the notified or non-notified consent is resting on him [noise control officer] getting a reading, but the kids just aren’t there making enough noise.”

She had been told to call the city council when it was noisy, she said.

“We don’t mind the ramp, we just don’t want it on our front door.”

The Sumner Community Residents’ Association has agreed to lock the ramp between 9.30pm and 8am each day to prevent noise at night.

Linwood-Central-Heathcote Community Board member Darrell Latham said a permanent location for a skate park was needed urgently.