Vandalism closes Linwood Park toilets

LOCKED OUT: The toilets in Linwood Park are locked are locked due to continued vandalism and graffiti. PHOTO: GEOFF SLOAN

Locking the public toilets in Linwood Park because of constant vandalism and graffiti is a waste of resources, says a community board member.

The city council has closed the facility and will only unlock it for sporting events.

Linwood-Central-Heathcote Community Board member Alexandra Davids (above) said she thinks closing the toilets is a “waste of money and resources,” as the majority of visitors to the park cannot use them.

The toilet block is located close to the playground at the Bonar Pl entrance to the park.

The nearest alternative pubic toilets are across the park at Eastgate Shopping Centre on the corner of Linwood Ave and Buckleys Rd.

City council acting head of parks Brent Smith said quick removal was the best way to deter taggers along with graffiti-resistant paint.

“Unfortunately, taggers at Linwood Park have not been deterred and, therefore, we
have had to close the toilet to the public,” Mr Smith said.

Last year, there were 185 reports of vandalism to the toilet block and, in 2013, $7100 was spent on paint to cover graffiti and repaint the building.

However, Ms Davids felt that the local school or artists could paint a mural on the toilet block to help deter vandalism.

“Getting local artists or local kids involved would be great to deter people from ruining it,” she said.