Shop robbed for sixth time

HIT AGAIN: Eight robbery of a Woolsotn shop. PHOTO: Geoff Sloan

Woolston Night and Day has been robbed for the sixth time in five months.

Two men entered the Ferry Rd shop at about 5am Thursday, one armed with a metal bar.

One of the men punched a worker in the store, before they both made off with cigarettes and cash.

Police searched the area for the offenders but were unsuccessful.

Cigarettes have been the main item targeted in all six robberies.

Past robberies:

December 5 three masked offenders, two armed with hammers, entered the shop early in the morning, they stole cigarettes and cash.

On November 23, the store was struck again when a man and a woman, both with weapons, including a gun took cigarettes before fleeing.

On October 24, three armed offenders stole cash and cigarettes. Two teenagers, aged 14 and 16, were arrested in connection with the incident, but police were still seeking a third person.

At 5am on October 1, three people robbed the shop, armed with a machete and a hammer, and stole cigarettes and cash.

On August 20, three people pointed a gun at staff. They stole cigarettes and about $500, and were later arrested.