Wildlife park for kart club shift

MOVING: The Christchurch Kart Club could move to McLeans Island.

Karting wants to set up close to one of Christchurch’s most idyllic wildlife parks.

The Christchurch Kart Club plans to apply for resource consent to move to a site on McLeans Island near Peacock Springs which is operated by the Isaac Wildlife Trust.

It is expected the application will be submitted before the end of February.

Peacock Springs is a former quarry pit restored as a wildlife habitat established by Sir Neil and Lady Diana Isaac.

A city council spokeswoman said location options have been looked at since 1995 and McLeans Island was the most suitable option.

The club was first established at Carrs Rd in the 1960s and has a lease until 2054.

It was required to move to make way for the full residential development of the Awatea Block south of Wigram.

It was reported in July last year about 670 houses would not be able to be built if the club was not moved and land buffers would have to be put in place to reduce the noise impact on the new houses.

At that time The Isaac Conservation and Wildlife Trust expressed concerns at the proposed relocation of the kart club to the area due to the noise generated by the club.

But The Isaac Conservation and Wildlife Trust’s operations manager Bruce Rule told Western News last week they would not comment at this stage on whether it would make an objection.

Orana Wildlife Park’s marketing manager Nathan Hawke said it does not have enough information yet to comment on whether it would object.

He said noise is only an issue for animals if it is a direct noise such as a drone flying overhead, rather than a constant noise the kart club would make.

National Equestrian Centre Christchurch’s centre manager Steven Irwin said they would most likely object if the kart club was placed next door, but not if it was down the other end of the island because the trees would block the noise.

He said horses are a “visual animal” and are more sensitive to movement.

“We have got shooting clubs and that sort of thing around us and they never seem to get bothered,” he said.

Both Orana Park and the equestrian centre are located near Christchurch Pistol Club, Christchurch International Airport and K.B. Contracting and Quarries on Miners Rd.

Depending on whether the resource consent is approved, the city council will pay $3.5 million for the club’s move.

The Christchurch Kart Club’s president Kent Ramsay said he did not wish to comment at this stage.