Trees face axe for carpark

The design stage is now complete for two Halswell skate parks, one of which will be at Halswell Domain.

“Scruffy trees” are likely to be removed at Halswell Domain to make way for a new carpark.

The Halswell-Hornby-Riccarton Communtiy Board will consider a report to approve a new carpark plan, which will extend it by 69 spaces.

The extensions of land 6 ha north and 5 ha south of the original domain over the past 15 years resulted in the need for additional car parking to accommodate the usage of the sports clubs.

It will cost $600,000 to construct the car park and maintenance will be $6,000 per year.

The proposed site will be located near the domain’s public toilets off Halswell Rd.

Halswell-Hornby-Riccarton community board member Ross McFarlane said it is a “win-win” for everyone giving the “disorganised” area better structure.

He described the current poplar trees as “scruffy old horrible things”.

Inspite of a city council report saying there could be some dissatisfaction with the removal of the trees, the eight submissions it received on the matter were supportive of the proposed carpark.

Consultation took place last month with about 65 leaflets delivered to residents on Parklea Ave, Hyde Place, Halswell Rd and Nicholls Rd.

The city council report said the advantages of the development includes the carpark will fit in with the new toilet facility installed, provides good access for existing sports facilities and link with the Quarryman’s Trail.

Mr McFarlane said while there is a space for cars to park at the domain, it is not formed leaving it to go mucky in the winter.

The domain is used by various sports groups and clubs including rugby league, soccer, softball and touch fields.

Halswell Community Project chairwoman Chrys Horn said it is her understanding the trees to be replaced are not highly valued and can be easily replaced.

If approved, construction of the carpark is expected to be completed next month with planting of 34 new trees to get underway in August.