Hot, hilly trek for pupils

SUMMIT: Diamond Harbour’s Korimako and Kotuku classes reached the summit after a four hour trek uphill.

Diamond Harbour School’s year 5 Korimako class joined the Kotuku class for a trek up Mt Herbert.

It began as a hot morning on December 6 and the pupils faced a long day setting off at 8.30am, returning at 4.30pm.

It was a long and steep walk that took four hours to ascend to the summit and three and a half hours to come back down. The climb started at Orton Bradley Park and they took a new track created by Pete Ozich.

On the way down, some pupils chose to take the gorse route down, however this was proven to be the long way down.

To end the journey pupils encountered muddy tracks with no dry way around – and most of them had a cold dip in the stream to wash the mud off.