Six-bedroom house or an art bridge?

ART BRIDGE: Otakaro is planning to put in a 50m long multi-million dollar bridge.

For $3million, a six bedroom, six bathroom home with a swimming pool, orchard, olive grove and vineyard could be yours – or it could get you an art bridge.

That is the amount Crown owned company Otakaro Ltd has budgeted for its new North Frame Art Bridge, due to be completed in 2018.

The 50m long bridge, to be used by pedestrians and cyclists, will cross the Avon River and link Oxford and Cambridge Tces, as part of the Avon River Precinct.

Otakaro has just issued a Request for Proposal for a designer or artist, an architect and structural engineer to design a concept for the bridge.

But artist Andrew Drummond said $3million for the North Frame Art Bridge was “pretty expensive” for something that was not needed.

He designed a footbridge to go across a different part of the Avon in 2000. But it was scrapped partly because of its $500,000 price tag.

“If they are going to spend $3million on a bridge when there really is no need for one, called art, is an insult to A: art and B: the function of a bridge,” he said.

“It’s a bureaucratic exercise of stupidity.”

An Otakaro spokesman said the $3million could not be broken down.

“How this will be apportioned will be determined by the design, site conditions and engineering design of the chosen RFP design concept,” he said.

“The budget is based on professional assessments of what it will cost to deliver a bridge that is both functional and distinctive.”

Businessman Alasdair Cassels is building a footbridge across the Heathcote River next to The Tannery, but said their budget was about $500,000.

“Ours is a little bit like that but I’m hoping it doesn’t cost $3million.”

He said it seemed expensive.

In comparison, Clearview Lodge in Harewood is also for sale for just over $3million. It has six bedrooms and bathrooms, and has a swimming pool, orchard, olive grove and small vineyard. It doubles as luxury accommodation, and sits on 3.49ha of land.

Earlier this year Otakaro called for ideas to guide the design of the bridge, with 14 people responding.In June, The Star requested under the Official Information Act what the budget for the bridge would be, however chief executive Albert Brantley denied it to “prevent the disclosure of the information for improper gain or advantage”.

SIMILAR PRICE: Clearview Lodge, a six bedroom, six bathroom home that doubles as luxury accommodation is up for sale with an asking price of $3.2m. It sits on 3.49ha of Harewood land and has a swimming pool, orchard, olive grove and small vineyard.