Drink driving blitz tests 17,000


Video: Geoff Sloan,Tania Green and Caitlin Miles.

Police have been cracking down on drink driving, with 17,000 motorists breath tested over the past three weeks.

More than 100 have been over the limit, a result police have called “disappointing”.

At three cheek-points in the city on Tuesday, at Tuam St, Pages Rd and Barrington St 2000 people were tested, with two drivers found over the legal limit.

Police are warning that people drinking at Christmas functions and end of work parties should be aware they may still be over the limit the next day.

It comes after a Rolleston woman was found five times over the limit when she was stopped on Tennyson St with her three and nine year-old children in the car on December 9 at 3.15pm.

Half an hour later another 35-year-old Rolleston woman recorded a reading of 696 mcg/L with her four year-old in the car.

They will appear in court on Thursday.