Buck fed up with facility delays: ‘People have been waiting for three years’.

HAD ENOUGH: Vicki Buck is frustrated at the delays surrounding where the mega-facility for Hornby will be located.

Vicki Buck is fed up with how long it has taken city council staff to consult the public on where the new sports and community facility will be sited in Hornby.

A fired-up Ms Buck sparked a heated debate at last week’s Halswell-Hornby-Riccarton Community Board meeting over the timing of an extraordinary board meeting on January 31 to discuss where the facility will be built.

Ms Buck, who is also a city councillor, wanted the meeting held before the city council’s meeting on January 26, so the board could go to the council with its recommended locations.

But her call received no backing from the six other community board members at the meeting, Mike Mora, Helen Broughton, Ross McFarlane, Debbie Mora and Catherine Chu who were all for the plan to stick with a January 31 meeting.

Ms Buck voted against that and asked for it to be recorded in the minutes.

Board members Jimmy Chen and Anne Galloway left the meeting before the vote was taken. Natalie Bryden was absent from the meeting.

It means options for the location will now not be heard by the city council until February.

During the debate board chairman Mr Mora said he could not see how the delay would make any difference to the outcome.

Ms Buck responded: “People have been waiting for three years, they want to see something happening. I think it makes a huge difference.”

Ms Mora said it was important city council staff had time to prepare properly so the options are not prepared in a rushed fashion.

But Ms Buck responded that was the reason the location options were delayed from going to the city council on December 15.

Deputy chairwoman Ms Broughton agreed the extraordinary meeting should be held on January 31.

“I actually want to be clear. . . if I am going to vote Denton Park I need to know it is the only option possible,” Ms Broughton said.

But Ms Buck said: “It would seem to me this is the top priority in the area and I cannot see why we are stuffing round.”

She said the community board had been reassured by city council staff it would have the proposed location options ready in time for its January 26 meeting.

Mr Mora (right) argued they had not had that reassurance and alternative options other than Denton Park had not been discussed with city council staff yet.

City council staff gave the community board and sports users of Denton Park a brief update on progress made recently.

Western News was told last week the community board asked city council staff to look at more options because all locations only revolved around different settings at Denton