Saturday, October 21, 2017

GIG GUIDE : Thursday 12 October 2017 to Wednesday 18 October 2017

ART GALLERY BBF: Saturday 1pm – St Andrew’s College Jazz Orchestra; St Andrew’s College Big Band; Mainland Big Band; Nelson Jazz Club Band. Sunday 12pm – Ellesmere Big Band; Christ’s College Big Band; CSM Jazz at 4; CSM Friday Youth Band.
BARETTA: Friday 7pm – Live music; 10.30pm – DJ Spinal. Saturday 9pm – DJ Double Header feat. Vlad & Mike Jonz.
BILL’S BAR: Thursday & Sunday 6pm – Mickey Rat Karaoke.
BISHOP BROTHERS PUBLIC HOUSE: Sunday 3pm – Live music.
BLACK HORSE: Saturday – Medium Rare.
BLUE SMOKE: Saturday 8pm – Die! Die! Die! Charm. Offensive. album release. Sunday 3pm – Daniel Madill & his band with Candice Milner & Tom Maxwell, Koha entry.
BROUGHAM: Saturday 8pm – Jenlin’s Karaoke.
CARLTON, PAPANUI RD: Thursday 9pm – The Cassettes. Friday 10pm – D’Sendantz. Saturday 10.30pm – Ctrl Alt Rock. Sunday 4.30pm – Quiz. Monday 8pm – Topia. Tuesday 6pm – Open Mic Night. Wednesday 8.30pm – D’Sendantz duo.
CASA PUBLICA: Friday 9pm – DJ Paul McKessar. Saturday 9pm – DJ Ash-S.
CASHMERE CLUB: Saturday 7.30pm – Neville Wilkins & the Viscounts, $5 entry.
CHARLES LUNEY AUDITORIUM BBF: Friday 7.30pm – All Girl Big Band. Sunday 7.30pm – Gala Concert feat. Symposium Vocal Extravaganza.
CHRISTCHURCH CASINO, VICTORIA ST: Friday 6pm – Franchise; 9.15pm – Smoothtalk. Saturday 8pm – Lonesome Sue; 12.45pm – Natalie Elms. Sunday 7pm – Steve & Andy; 10.15pm – Acoustic Solutions. Monday Labour Day 5.30pm – Sly Manhattan.
CHRISTCHURCH RSA. TRENCHES: Sunday 5.30pm – Elizabeth Braggins.
CLADDAGH IRISH PUB, FERRYMEAD: Thursday – Open mic. Saturday – Live music.
COASTERS TAVERN, REDWOOD: Saturday – Live music. Wednesday – Open Mic Night.
CONTAINER MALL BBF: Friday from 12pm – Hagley College Intermediate Jazz Band; Christ’s College Jazz Band; St Andrew’s College Jazz Orchestra; St Andrew’s College Big Band; 6.45pm – CSM Youth Band. Monday 12pm – Christ’s College Big Band; Papanui High School Big Band; CSM Jazz at 4; CSM Friday Youth Band.
DARKROOM: Thursday – Open Mic Night. Friday – James Wilkinson & Jacquie Walters. Saturday – Vices with No Broadcast. Sunday – UVB (FRA).
DEJA VU: Friday 8pm – A Night of House Music feat. Jaycen A’mour & NFX.
DUX CENTRAL: Friday 5pm – Emerson; 9.30pm – Nacoa. Saturday 2pm – Matty Smith; 9.30pm – Izonik. Sunday 2pm – Sunday Jazz Sessions.
EMPIRE: Thursday 9pm – Hot Dub Time Machine After Party. Friday 10pm – DJ Vlad. Saturday 10pm – DJ Spinal. Sunday 10pm – DJ Masta K.
FAT EDDIES: Thursday 7.30pm – Brad Kang Quartet. Friday 7.30pm – Georgie & the Vajazzlers; 11pm – Fat & Co. Saturday 2pm – BBF presents Papanui High School Big Band; Burnside High School Big Band; Ellesmere Big Band; 7.30pm – Heavy Water trio/quartet; 11pm – Tina & the Turners. Sunday 2pm – BBF presents Mainland Big Band; Nelson Jazz Club Big Band; Sideline Swing; Christ’s College Big Band; 7.30pm – Dom & Cameron Pearce. Monday Labour Day 7.30pm – The Scene. Wednesday – Gumbo No.5.
GBC (GARDEN BAR CAFE), MARSHLAND RD: Friday 6pm – Mandi Miller.
HORNBY WMC: Saturday 4.30pm – Robbie Drew; 8pm – John McCabe (downstairs); 8pm – Big Band Festival Ball feat. Mainland Big Band; Garden City Big Band; Nelson Jazz Club Big Band; Sideline Swing; Ellesmere Big Band (upstairs). Sunday 1.30pm – Heart of the Country, $6 entry.
HORNCASTLE ARENA: Tickets @ticketek.
ISAAC THEATRE ROYAL, GLOUCESTER ST: Friday 8pm – An Evening with Bic Runga & special guests. Saturday & Sunday 3pm & 7pm – The Sound of Music. Tickets @ticketek.
JANES BAR, RICHMOND: Saturday 7.30pm – Live music. Sunday – Live blues. Wednesday – Open Mic Night.
MACKENZIES BAR: Friday 8pm – 12 Gauge. Saturday – Mammoth. Wednesday – Karaoke.
MAK TAVERN, KAINGA: Thursday 7pm – Jam Session. Friday 9pm – Bluegroove. Saturday 9pm – Mammoth. Sunday – Set in Stone.
MICKY FINNS: Thursday 8pm – Flat City Brotherhood.
NEW BRIGHTON CLUB: Saturday 7pm – Game of Tones.
NEW REGENT STREET BBF: Saturday 12.30pm – Christ’s College Jazz Band; Garden City Big Band; The Octet. Sunday 10.30am – Papanui High Jazz Band; Hagley College Intermediate Band; Nelson Jazz Club Big Band; Chisnallwood Jazz Band; Sideline Swing.
PEACOCK FOUNTAIN, BOTANICAL GARDENS, BBF: Monday Labour Day 11am – Nelson Jazz Club Big Band; Garden City Big Band; Ellesmere Big Band; All Girl Big Band; The Octet.
PIERSIDE CAFE & BAR: Friday 9pm – DJ Chick.
RACECOURSE HOTEL, SOCKBURN: Friday 7pm – Imaginary Friends.
RICHMOND WMC: Saturday 7pm – Copper Wine. Sunday 3pm – I Alone.
ST MARY’S PRO-CATHEDRAL: Sunday 3pm – Cornelia Didenco & Veronica van der Knapp (violin & piano), $10 & $5 entry.
STOCK XCHANGE SHIRLEY: Friday 7pm – 12 Gauge. Saturday 7pm – The Elevators.
SULLIVANS IRISH PUB, ADDINGTON: Friday 9pm – Live music. Saturday 9pm – Live music. Wednesday 7.30pm – Willie’s Open Mic.
TEMPS BAR, HORNBY: Thursday 7pm – Jam Session (gear provided). Friday 8.30pm – No Secrets. Saturday 8.30pm – Live music. Wednesday – Mickey Rat Karaoke.
THAI CHEFS, SUKHU TIGER, RICCARTON: Thursday to Wednesday 9pm – Resident DJ & Karaoke.
THE BOG IRISH BAR: Thursday 10pm – Jonny Love. Friday 7pm – Corner Sounds; 11pm – The Black Velvet Band. Saturday 11pm – Stoutfellows. Sunday 5.30pm – Black Velvet acoustic. Tuesday 7pm – The Jameson Session. Wednesday 8pm – Open Mic Night.
THE CRAIC IRISH BAR, RICCARTON: Thursday – Andy Page. Friday – Eddie Simon. Saturday – Stout duo. Wednesday – DJ Chick Karaoke.
THE CUBAN, ST ASAPH ST: Thursday 6.30pm – Antony Pickard. Friday 8.30pm – Nick Lee. Saturday 10pm – Summer Breeze Sessions.
THE MILLER BAR & CAFE, ADDINGTON: Thursday 7pm – Avon City R& R. Friday 9pm – Reckless duo. Saturday 9.30pm – Hot Gossip. Wednesday 8pm – Lance Karaoke.
THE PLOUGH, RANGIORA: Saturday 8pm – Unhinged.
THE WAVE BAR, NEW BRIGHTON: Thursday 8.30pm – Karaoke. Friday 8.30pm – DJ.
WOOLSTON CLUB: Saturday – Vague-As Brothers (pictured above).
WOOLSTON TAVERN, FERRY RD: Friday 7.30pm – Unhinged.
WUNDERBAR LYTTELTON: Saturday – Psychedelic 60’s Ball with Rhomboid. Tuesday 7pm – Open mic. Wednesday 8pm – Al Park & Pals.