Woods: CDHB report not “pretty reading”

Opinion: The health select committee heard that there are simply not enough beds for the people requiring them at Hillmorton Hospital. As a result of this, some patients have had to be moved to other facilities at night

The reasoning behind roadwork madness

Road works in Christchurch are annoying, writes Ali Jones, but sometimes they are done a certain way for a very good reason.

Opinion: Christchurch’s top attitude to cyclists

Halswell Residents' Association secretary David Hawke says that motorists are at the 'top of the heap' courtesy-wise toward cyclists.

Opinion: English’s comment makes ‘blood boil’

Labour MP Megan Woods says Bill English’s comments last week that local workers and particularly the young fail drug tests, and this was the reason we were having to bring in overseas workers for these roles, made her blood boil.

Opinion: Keown’s frustration over intersection snub

City councillor Aaron Keown says his colleagues hide behind the term 'process', as he continues his campaign to get traffic signals installed at a contentious intersection.

Opinion: Sumner skate park needed

City councillor Sara Templeton says a skate park for Sumner will be run well and with none of the graffiti and antisocial behaviours from the skaters that is usually predicted.

Opinion: No to petrol tax

City councillor Phil Clearwater says he never proposed a controversial fuel tax alongside Cr Aaron Keown.

Flame files: Heroic work in the Port HIlls

"There was some heroic work done in denying many houses to the fire by all sorts of people."

OPINION: Diversity enriches the city

Linwood councillor Yani Johanson writes about connecting and embracing the different cultures around the city.

Opinion: Are you ready for disaster?

Deputy mayor Malcolm Lyall writes about disaster preparedness in light of the Port Hills fires.

New Brighton War Memorial deserves better

New Brighton resident Linda Street is critical of the city council's plan to cover the war memorial in polyglass. She wants a total overhaul on the memorial.

Woods: More homes for young people

Under National's watch, the dream of home ownership has slipped away for too many. People seeking the healthcare and treatment they require have been turned away or forced to wait, says MP Megan Woods.

Brownlee: Developers investing in rebuild

Throughout Christchurch’s recovery, I’ve been heartened by the number of investors and developers willing to put their money where their mouth is and back the city’s future, writes MP Gerry Brownlee.

Youth could be “ultimate deciders” of election

Opinion: Thanks to social media and the internet, it is now easier than ever to have an educated opinion on current issues and each candidate's views.

Trump revived interest in politics?

Community board member says that all the controversy surrounding President Donald Trump could be reviving interest in politics - and voting.

School return brings financial strain

Labour MP Megan Woods looks at the price of children's education. "A survey of principals late last year shows that many schools will instead be forced to cut teacher aide hours because their communities simply can’t afford to pay more."

Brownlee: Relocating quake units to farmers

Farm properties were hit particularly hard, with many isolated farmers forced to take matters into their own hands to ensure their stock had access to food and water. The Government recently announced it would sell the temporary housing units used in Christchurch after the 2011 earthquake to help farmers in the Hurunui, Kaikōura and Marlborough districts recover.

Storm-water link to polluted waterways

Our councillors must seriously look at future housing developments and legislate for every house to have modern rainwater collection and retention, as well as every new road having swales, collecting the pollutants from our car tyres and brakes.

Travellers note: Don’t light incense in your room

Fire safety officer Mark Thomas writes about an interesting call out to a backpackers in New Brighton.

Opinion: Police crackdown on firearms nets 140 seizures

Canterbury district police commander Superintendent John Price writes that New Zealand Police maintains the highest level of 'full trust and confidence' of any policing organisation in the world.