Saturday, August 19, 2017

Gough: Living Wage should not be trialled with ratepayer money

Jamie Gough defends his stance on why the city council shouldn't have voted to pay the living wage to workers.

Dalziel: We need a multi-use arena

At about 11pm on Monday, Sam Whitelock led his team through customs and into the reception hall of Christchurch Airport. And what a reception...

Woods: We have to run the ‘campaign of our lives’

We know that we have to run the campaign of our lives. We intend to do just that, writes Labour MP Megan Woods

Dalziel: Central city living

With only six per cent of respondents actually living in the central city now and only another two per cent actively looking to move into the area, we still have a long way to go, writes Mayor Lianne Dalziel.

I am a state house tenant, don’t sell my home

I am a state house tenant, weighing in on the state house sales. Yes, I hear the groans.

NZ Fire Service is no more

The New Zealand Fire Service disappeared last Saturday, write specialist fire investigator Mark Thomas.

Dalziel: Not all roads are ‘eligible’ to be fixed

"If, like me before I became the mayor, you thought the Government had agreed to contribute to fixing every bit of what we call the horizontal infrastructure (roads and pipes) damaged by the earthquakes, you may well be disappointed by that," write Mayor Lianne Dalziel.

Plea to save QE2II fitness track

A walking track in QEII will be ditched to make way for two schools, but residents are pleading for it to stay.

Dalziel: Wagner great to work with

Mayor Lianne Dalziel says that Minister supporting Greater Christchurch Regeneration Nicky Wagner is great to work with, and they have aligned their diaries to met up with city councillors.

Editor’s desk: ‘No surprise’ police arming up

'But now with the huge profileration of drugs, particularly meth, and the violence that goes with it among those who wheel and deal in that industry, having a gun handy is fairly important.'

Your views: Red light runners ‘no brains’

Nor West News readers respond to an article on red light runners putting pupils at risk.

Opinion: New Brighton could be the city’s ecotourism jewel

Treaty educator and Green Party candidate for Christchurch east, Cathy Sweet, believes New Brighton has all the ingredients to become a magnet for ecotourism.

Your views: Turning off the Wi-fi at Riccarton bus lounge

Readers respond to the article in Western News about plans to disconnect Wi-Fi at the Riccarton Rd Metro bus lounge to curb anti-social behaviour

Opinion: Action needed to fix intersection

Labour MP Ruth Dyson writes about her frustration over the city council’s consultation process on the St Andrews Hill/Bridle Path Rd intersection

Opinion: Fixing the problem of bullying

Specialist mental health teams in every school should happen urgently, says Anthony Rimell.

Your views: ‘Bong smoking dubsters’

Readers respond to the article in Southern View about residents fed up with “bong smoking dubsters” in Huntsbury Hill

Opinion: Redcliffs School land swap moves forward

Labour MP Ruth Dyson writes about the strong sense of community tied in with Redcliffs School’s move to Redcliffs Park.

Opinion: Bid to bottle water won’t benefit community

Fendalton-Waimairi-Harewood Community Board member Aaron Campbell writes about the controversial plan to bottle Belfast’s water We learned recently that 4.3 million litres per day of Christchurch’s...

Opinion: Equilibrium reached in rental cost

The rebuild boss says data indicates Christchurch has reached its equilibrium in terms of supply and demand in rental cost.

Opinion: ‘We need to pick up the pace’ of the rebuild

New rebuild minister Nicky Wagner says the pace of the rebuild has to pick up.