Monday, June 26, 2017

Your views: Red light runners ‘no brains’

Nor West News readers respond to an article on red light runners putting pupils at risk.

Opinion: New Brighton could be the city’s ecotourism jewel

Treaty educator and Green Party candidate for Christchurch east, Cathy Sweet, believes New Brighton has all the ingredients to become a magnet for ecotourism.

Your views: Turning off the Wi-fi at Riccarton bus lounge

Readers respond to the article in Western News about plans to disconnect Wi-Fi at the Riccarton Rd Metro bus lounge to curb anti-social behaviour

Opinion: Action needed to fix intersection

Labour MP Ruth Dyson writes about her frustration over the city council’s consultation process on the St Andrews Hill/Bridle Path Rd intersection

Opinion: Fixing the problem of bullying

Specialist mental health teams in every school should happen urgently, says Anthony Rimell.

Your views: ‘Bong smoking dubsters’

Readers respond to the article in Southern View about residents fed up with “bong smoking dubsters” in Huntsbury Hill

Opinion: Redcliffs School land swap moves forward

Labour MP Ruth Dyson writes about the strong sense of community tied in with Redcliffs School’s move to Redcliffs Park.

Opinion: Bid to bottle water won’t benefit community

Fendalton-Waimairi-Harewood Community Board member Aaron Campbell writes about the controversial plan to bottle Belfast’s water We learned recently that 4.3 million litres per day of Christchurch’s...

Opinion: Equilibrium reached in rental cost

The rebuild boss says data indicates Christchurch has reached its equilibrium in terms of supply and demand in rental cost.

Opinion: ‘We need to pick up the pace’ of the rebuild

New rebuild minister Nicky Wagner says the pace of the rebuild has to pick up.

OPINION: Dealing with grief as a teenager

When I was 16 my Mum passed away from cancer - this is a sentence that I still get anxious saying or typing even four years later.

Opinion: Erin Brockovich’s genuine concern for city

Wigram MP Megan Woods has a fan girl moment over Erin Brockovich.

Brownlee: Innovative thinking in rebuild by councils, government

In the wake of the Canterbury earthquakes, Greater Christchurch was in dire need of new homes. The government red-zoned more than 7000 properties on severely-damaged...

Opinion: Police call for loitering bylaw

Riccarton Community Constable Aaron Thorn says why he suggested to the city council that an anti-loitering bylaw is needed to help solve the youth issues in Riccarton.

Opinion: The ‘changing face’ of Addington causes angst

Some of the changes for Addington have been considered progress, while others have created angst among a great many residents who have lived in Addington for years. The concern is driven by the loss of Addington’s historic character and the picturesque peacefulness that it fashioned.

Why did the city council shut down concerns over dredging?

Community board member Darrrell Latham says the city council "deserve to be scolded".

Woods: CDHB report not “pretty reading”

Opinion: The health select committee heard that there are simply not enough beds for the people requiring them at Hillmorton Hospital. As a result of this, some patients have had to be moved to other facilities at night

The reasoning behind roadwork madness

Road works in Christchurch are annoying, writes Ali Jones, but sometimes they are done a certain way for a very good reason.

Opinion: Christchurch’s top attitude to cyclists

Halswell Residents' Association secretary David Hawke says that motorists are at the 'top of the heap' courtesy-wise toward cyclists.

Opinion: English’s comment makes ‘blood boil’

Labour MP Megan Woods says Bill English’s comments last week that local workers and particularly the young fail drug tests, and this was the reason we were having to bring in overseas workers for these roles, made her blood boil.