Struggle to recruit staff for Canterbury mental health

Christchurch's already strained mental health services are struggling to recruit staff, after problems with nurses being assaulted by patients

Controversial closing times for pubs to be decided

The closing time of pubs will be decided, but the Medical Officer of Health says the council has been "strong armed" into having less strict rules.

Canterbury’s surgery numbers worst in NZ

Canterbury's health boards are ranked worst in the country for non-emergency surgeries - but the authorities appear to be trying to whitewash the numbers.

Contract with hospital food supplier dropped

People took to the street in Dunedin to protest Compass Group's hospital food last year - now the Canterbury District Health Board has decided not to renew a long-standing contract with the company

Privacy concern prompts investigation

The Privacy Commissioner is investigating a new Government policy that sees NGOs having to share their client data. It comes after concerns clients would be identified.

Doctor dies while walking to work

The man who died in Hagley Park last week was a doctor at Christchurch hospital.

Canterbury families’ low mental and physical health

Almost half of Canterbury families report having low mental and physical health, according to new research.

Health board secrecy draws ire

Out of all the decisions the health board made last year, only six were made in meetings open to the public. The rest were discussed and decided behind closed doors.

Women Centre rises back up after funding problems

Most days, a lady calls into the Christchurch Women’s Centre for a cup of tea. She sits on a couch and reads. She could be homeless, or may not want to sit at home by herself. She may be one of the many women who are still struggling in the aftermath of the February 2011 earthquake.

Violent assaults drop at Hillmorton

There were 507 physical assaults reported at the Hillmorton Hospital in 2014, but that dropped to 299 in 2015.