Saturday, August 19, 2017
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Woman dies in Christchurch Central Police Station cells

Police performed CPR on the woman before paramedics arrived.

Council saves a tower of paper

Since going 'paperless', the city council said it has saved a stack of paper taller the Canterbury University's central library.

Hospital Corner fields to be renovated after wet weather

South Hagley Park's hospital corner sports fields will get a small renovation after a $1.4 million upgrade last year.

Arts Centre’s oldest buildings recognised

The sensitive restoration of two of the Arts Centre’s oldest buildings has resulted in a national engineering award.

Hospital car parking: Pregnant woman, sick child wait in the rain

At about 10am on Monday, almost 30 people were lined up in the rain and biting south-westerly wind, waiting for a hospital Park and Ride shuttle. They spoke to Gabrielle Stuart about the service.

Hospital car parking: Why are these people waiting in the rain?

Christchurch Hospital's park and ride service was set up to take pressure off the lack of parking near the hospital. But as reporter Gabrielle Stuart found out, it is not suited for wet weather.

Truck driver sentenced over fatal crash that killed dad

Four-year-old Troy Campilan kisses a photograph of his daddy Noel Campilan every night before he goes to bed.

Watch: $1m yacht development at threat from erosion

In the next year or so, this spot by the estuary will house a brand new yacht club. But there are growing concerns over the continuous erosion of the estuary edge as the tide eats away at it.

Watch: ‘It’s the ham lady!’

After reading a Facebook post Countdown worker Lorna McLaughlin cried - but not because of any trolls - quite the opposite.

Watch: Cultural fest – ‘It’s their chance to be stars’

From Maori and Pacifica to Indian and Irish, this year's Cultural Festival had it all.