Sunday, April 30, 2017


Visiting the mystical city of Edoras

The Kingdom of Rohan in our own back yard.

Unlocking the secrets of Tasmania

Docking in Hobart on a cruise ship is not just a sweetly scenic affair, but a stunningly effortless way to immerse yourself in the heart of the city.

Lawrence of Arabia

Ever since Hollywood rocked into the desert to film Peter O’Toole’s 1962 epic, Lawrence of Arabia, the movie industry’s love-affair with the landscape has endured.

Relive the memories of your favourite movies

Movie-inspired travel remains a booming travel trend

Cruise on the smartest ship at sea

By any measure, it’s a colossus and it’s coming to a port near you. After all, this is a ship that cracks 19,900 eggs a day in its main kitchen.

Be seduced by the Spanish City of Cordoba

In the eyes of visitors, Andalucía’s allure is legendary, but the appeal of Southern Spain is spectacularly illustrated in explorable Cordoba.

Living in luxury Waikiki Beach style

Mike Yardley sets about staking out Waikiki’s unrivalled beachfront cocktail stops.

Dating and mating at Cape

It’s a feathered frenzy of preening birds, theatrical mating rituals and rampant adultery. No, not the mooted Real Housewives of Auckland but the largest mainland gannet colony in the world, pinned to the ocean edge of Cape Kidnappers.

Star-studded tour of Tinsel Town

All roads lead to the Hollywood Strip, or “the boulevard of broken dreams”, as my Red Line walking tour guide, Michael, preferred to call it. Red Line’s Behind the Scenes tour has become part of Hollywood folklore, expertly narrated and spiriting you into many storied nooks and crannies, that most tourists miss.

Conquering the Sydney Harbour Bridge

I matched it with the likes of Heidi Klum, Ben Stiller and Oprah Winfrey. One hundred and thirty two steps – I’ve got the hat and certificate to prove it.