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The Very Hungry Caterpillar headed to Christchurch

Seventy-five hand-made puppets controlled by just four cast members will take The Very Hungry Caterpillar from the page to the Isaac Theatre Royal’s stage.

Young musician already a master

Fifteen-year-old Alexandra Watson plays five instruments, is studying music courses at university in her spare time, and dreams of working for NASA. In July, she will be the only musician outside of the United Kingdom to perform at the National Schools Symphony Orchestra of Great Britain.

Delightful romp of mayhem

Ropable, by Ross Gumbley and Allison Horsley, directed by Ross Gumbley, The Court Theatre. Reviewed by Barry Southam

New style of show business

National Academy of Singing and Dramatic Art graduates Sophie Petersen and Keeneth Love have taken a risk, setting up their own theatre company.

Mi-Sex enjoy positive fan reaction

Mi-Sex will co-headline next month's star-studded Selwyn Sounds concert line up with Dragon. Keyboardist Murray Burns spoke to Star.kiwi ahead of the performance.

Robin Hood’s role reversal

The classical tale of the man who stole from the rich to give to the poor, has been given a shake up a hilarious adaption and depicts Maid Marian being depicted by a fella.

“I thought I would never sing again”

Multi-platinum winning artist Yulia is recording her first major work in 10 years in front of a live audience. The Russian-born singer will dedicate the recording to her mother, who passed away last year.

Former St Bede’s student gets career boost

Oliver Davidson has won a $16,000 scholarship at Otago University to help him study.

Merivale filmmaker follows Muslim skater

"It is really important to be telling female stories." From the moment St Margaret's College old girl Niamh Peren, stumbled across a low-quality video of the Muslim figure skater on YouTube, she instantly wanted to know more.

When the Cat’s Away at Selwyn Sounds

Debbie Harwood will perform with fellow When The Cat's Away singers Annie Crummer and Margaret Urlich, as well as Sharon O'Neill when she performs at the Selwyn Sounds concert on March 4.