Tuesday, January 16, 2018



Drone footage shows scale of work on combined QEII school campus

Drone footage shows the progress of a new combined school campus on the east side of Christchurch.

Watch: Forgotten WWI Ngai Tahu soldiers

"He did things for his country, he gave up things but he also suffered until he died. To me he's a hero.' The whakapapa unit at Te Runanga o Ngai Tahu has spent two years tracing the stories of the men in the Maori Battalion, including a village of 13, who had to chose which seven had to go to war, and a family that lost four sons.

Watch: Tree snaps rowing crew’s boat ‘I expected them to be...

The Shirley Boys' High School rowing team, who were lucky to survive when a 30 metre tall tree crashed onto their boat, retrieved it from the Avon River yesterday. They tell reporter Gordon Findlater about the incident.

Watch: Helicopter could be called in to dry track before BMX...

It has been all hands on deck to dry out Kyle Park ahead of this weekend's BMXNZ Championship Nationals and South Island Titles - and it is rumoured a helicopter may be called in to help dry out the track.

Future cricket stars on display at U19 tournament

Canterbury will host 26 of the 48 games for the ICC U19 Cricket World Cup, which starts tomorrow. Reporter Gordon Findlater caught up with some of the players gearing up to compete.

Watch: High school plans to build $7.2m multicultural hub

A Christchurch high school has 56 different ethnic groups represented on its roll. Now it has plans to open a multicultural centre that will be open 24/7.

Live stream: Farewell to Jim Anderton

Jim Anderton's will be farewelled at a public funeral, held at 2pm on Thursday.

Watch: Building suffers major damage after fire

A building has suffered major damage after a fire ripped through it on Thursday morning.

Watch: 11 tonnes of rubbish diverted from landfill

The city council has diverted tonnes of rubbish away from the dump. So, how have they done this?

Watch: 10 worst intersections for red light runners

These are the intersections that have the most red light runners in Christchurch.