Anika Moa, Bic Runga heading to Christchurch for milestones

REMEMBRANCE: Anika Moa's 10th anniversary concert for her famous album In Swings the Tide will be held in the city next month.

Nearly 10 years ago marked a trio of significant milestones in Anika Moa’s life.

It was a time when she released one of her most iconic albums, her father passed away from a long battle with cancer and she came out as gay.

As she reflects back on a time she names as a real twist in her life, Moa is gearing up to travel to the city to celebrate her most commercially successful album In Swings the Tide.

“In that year I did a lot…my Dad died, I came out and s*** was just all over the show,” she said.

Over two days next month, Moa will perform two contrasting shows in the city.

Celebrating her busy life as a mother, in the daytime Moa will perform her bright touring show for children Songs For Bubbas: Chop Chop Hiyaaa!

In the evening she will perform In Swings the Tide in full with her band along with new music.

“I am excited but I am organising my tour hard out…I haven’t played with a band for maybe five years,” she said.

But she is not the only Kiwi icon to return to the city next month.

Bic Runga will celebrate an even larger anniversary of 20 years since her debut album Drive was released in late October.

“I am excited…there are songs off the Drive album I haven’t played in 20 years,” she said.

While 20 years is considered a long time in the music industry, Runga does not describe her music as changing to suit the industry.

“My music hasn’t really changed with the fashion changes in music…I haven’t really ventured out to electronic music even though that is very much what is on the radio,” she said.

She describes some of her best songs Drive and Sway as having a life of their own.

“There was maybe a time when I was making my third album, I thought to still be playing songs off the old album already seemed old and distant. But 20 years later you see your work…you respect what it is in a more accepting way,” Runga said.

For both artists, who grew up in Hornby, travelling back to their hometown brings back fond memories.

The last time Runga was in the city was for her role as ambassador for Maia Health Foundation last year-a charity raising funds to improve Canterbury’s health system.

Five dollars from every ticket sold for Runga’s show will go towards the foundation.

During that time she made a “nostalgic” trip to Hornby where she made an appointment to see the dentist at the Hornby Dental Centre.

“It is just a trip down memory lane and it could have only been better if the Branston Cake Kitchen was there,” she said.

Moa said while none of her family lives in Hornby, she had excellent mentors at her old school-Hornby High School which helped her music flourish.

Concert tour dates:

Anika Moa- Songs For Bubbas: Chop Chop Hiyaaa! – October 6, New Brighton Club- 10am and 1pm

Anika Moa-In Swings The Tide 10th Anniversary Tour – October 7, Blue Smoke

Bic Runga- Drive 20th Anniversary Tour – October 20, Isaac Theatre Royal

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