Tourist trampers locate missing woman Monique Hickland

Two tourist trampers have found a woman missing in a North Canterbury forest.

Monique Hickland,31, was reported missing on Monday at about 4.30pm, after she left her family near the Wooded Gully picnic area at Mt Thomas Forest.

Police say she was found safe and well on Tuesday morning, by two tourists who were walking on a track in the area.

Sergeant Phil Simmonds said the tourists walked her out of the bush and delivered her to the Land Search and Rescue team.

Ms Hickland, who has the understanding of a 12-year-old, spent the night near the top of the mountain and was walking down the hill when she was found by the tourists.

“Conditions were cold overnight, the temperature reached a low of around 2 degC and searchers were working in snow in some higher areas,” said Sergeant Simmonds.

LandSAR teams and a helicopter were deployed on Monday night and searched the area till around 3am.