‘Little madam’ take her walks in a pram

WELL-LOOKED AFTER: Gemma the dog travels first class around Rolleston in a pram.

A little dog in a pram is capturing hearts everywhere she goes in Rolleston.

Described as a “little madam,” Gemma the cairn terrier loves her daily walks and hates to be left at home.

So when she was diagnosed with a serious illness, her owner Sue Smit came up with a cunning plan to make sure her dog could still get outdoors.

Each morning you will find Gemma out travelling first-class in a pram on Goulds Rd near the roundabout of Clearview Primary School.

Mrs Smit came up with the idea after a friend of hers bought a proper dog stroller after an operation on its ligaments.

PHOTO: Gilbert Wealleans

Earlier this year the 10-year-old was diagnosed with immune-mediated hemolytic anemia, causing her immune system to start attacking her red blood cells.

Mrs Smit said the disease causes her to tire easily making it difficult for her to walk far.

But she said Gemma will push through whatever happens to her.

Mrs Smit was first made aware of Gemma’s condition when the dog fainted while running around at the Foster Park Dog Exercise Area.

While there is no cure to the illness, Gemma is on medication.

The little dog has united canine-fans on Facebook’s Rolleston Community Page with nearly 500 responses to an image of her posted online and several comments wishing her a fast recovery.

“She is a very cute little dog. Everyone who meets her absolutely loves her,” Mrs Smit said.

Mrs Smit said Gemma used to love running up to her favourite people at the dog park.

Since Gemma’s image on Facebook, Mrs Smit and her dog is regularly approached by residents asking how she is.