Pet crematorium noise issues ‘mitigated satisfactorily’

PROBLEM: Residents are concerned not enough is being done by authorities to address noise issues at the Fond Farewells Pet Crematorium in Lincoln.

Several residents are still not satisfied enough is being doing enough to reduce noise issues at a Lincoln pet crematorium.

A meeting to update residents on what was being done to reduce noise levels over Fond Farewells Pet Cremation Service in Marion Pl was held last week.

But resident Bob Tomkins and his wife Joanne Earle-Tomkins still does not believe enough has been done.

The district council, Environment Canterbury and residents attended the meeting.

Gribbles Veterinary Pathology Ltd owns Fond Farewells Pet Cremation Service. Gribbles general manager James Richardson said it did not attend because it felt it was the wrong forum to be involved in.

But he said Gribbles had received positive feedback from the district council, saying all but two neighbours had been complimentary of the work Gribbles had done to reduce the noise.

Mr Tomkins said the authorities are still certain they have done nothing wrong and Fond Farewells complies with the Resource Management Act.

“They think all the changes are minor and they didn’t have to go for open resource hearing and they didn’t need an environmental report, which I find astounding,” Mr Tomkins said.

But the district council’s environmental services manager Tim Harris said the meeting was helpful and gave it the opportunity to explain to residents what was being done to mitigate the noise.

“The district council has concluded that Fond Farewells is compliant and that noise issues have been mitigated satisfactorily,” he said.

The issue reared its head after a non-notified decision was made by the district council for Gribbles to redevelop its site at Marion Pl in 2015.

Residents first began to notice the noise of the burners at Christmas last year, which they say are a lot louder than before the site was redeveloped.

At the meeting, a presentation was made by representatives from ComMec and Marshall Day Acoustics over noise mitigation work to the furnaces.

A report said Fond Farewells engaged with acoustical consultants Marshall Day Acoustics, which provided a report to mitigate noise.

New mufflers and attenuators were designed by combustion engineers ComMec to reduce noise.

Noise assessments of the crematorium were completed last month by the district council.

A letter to residents said a significant decrease in the noise was emitted and sound levels were less than the district plan’s daytime noise limits of 55dB.