Women-only artists at exhibition

ARTY: The 10 artists involved in the W*A*S*H exhibition at Exchange Gallery. Back Row: Mandy Palmer, Sharyn Ley, Jillian Wordsworth, Natasha Hawkins, Jan Campbell. Front Row: Roseanne Jones, Shelly Middleborough-Simpson, Maria Lee, Esther Gane.

An exhibition featuring 10 Canterbury female artists opens on Monday.

Organised by Port Levy artist Maria Lee, the  W*A*S*H (Women’s Art Shown Here) exhibition is an all-women art show with 10% of sales donated to the Women’s Centre in Ferry Rd.

Ms Lee said although each artist had her own style, “as women, we feel a natural inclination to draw together, to gather, support and encourage. The reason may be as simple as companionship or inclusion but mostly it’s because we love art.”

Historically, galleries and museums were more likely to feature work by men rather than women, Ms Lee said.

“Over the last few years, galleries have begun to acknowlege and redress the gender balance with both the Tate Modern and Saatchi Gallery (in London) holding womens art exhibitions but women are still sadly underrepresented.”

Ms Lee, who lives in Port Levy with her partner and five children, counts Shane Cotton, Jacqueline Fahay, Bill Hammond and Georgia O’Keefe as some of her influences.

Another local artist, Diamond Harbour’s Natasha Hawkins, was born in Russia where she began her art education before immigrating to New Zealand in 2005. Her uncle was a well known artist whose work was exhibited both locally and internationally.

W*A*S*H opens at the Exchange Gallery, 376 Wilsons Road this Monday, July 17 and runs until July 29.

PENINSULA: Diamond Harbour artist Natasha Hawkins’ painting ‘Purau’ will be among the works exhibited at the Exchange Gallery in Waltham.

Nape Nape Beach, North Canterbury by Natasha Hawkins.

FLORAL: ‘Lucidity’ by Maria Lee features in the W*A*S*H exhibition.