Volunteers honoured for service

CULTURE: The Northcote kapa haka group performed for the room.

Volunteers were honoured for their contributions to the community at the Papanui-Innes Community Board Community Service awards.

Vicki Campbell

Ms Campbell has positively influenced the lives of many young people and adults through mentoring and running fitness sessions. She has also coached rugby and rugby league in Papanui for the past eight years, supported the Northcote Friday after school programme and helped with the Pasifika Cultural Festival.

Ms Campbell has worked with youth at Te Ora Hou for the past 13 years and her generosity and willingness to go above the beyond for people makes her a valuable role model especially to young Maori and Pasifika women.

Nicholas Christensen

Mr Christensen has been involved with the city council graffiti programme since 2011. The role benefits the community and those driving through it by having any graffiti removed in a timely manner.

Sheila Denley

Ms Denley has been supporting the Papanui Baptist Freedom Trust’s mainly music project for over five years.

She began by helping in the kitchen and continues to offer her help there as well as with the supervision and guidance of multiple children during the music session.

Julian Dent

Mr Dent has donated his time and energy for the past 10 years in keeping the grounds of the iconic St Paul’s Anglican Church in an immaculate condition.

By keeping the grounds so beautiful, Mr Dent has created a space that parishioners, visitors, tourists, pedestrians and commuters can enjoy. He also conducts guided tours during Heritage Week.

Norma Edwards

Ms Edwards has been supporting the Papanui Baptist Freedom Trust’s mainly music project for more than ten years.

She went along one day to help in the kitchen and has been back weekly ever since. She not only makes great drinks, she often makes special treats and does all the shopping to keep families well fed and hydrated. She is known to everyone as Grandma.

Debbie Ewings

Ms Ewings has been supporting the Papanui Baptist Freedom Trust’s mainly music project for nearly eight years.

She is an enthusiastic member of the team and competently operates the somewhat temperamental sound and vision equipment to ensure a full programme is available.

Bill and Debbie Frame

Mr and Mrs Frame have been involved with the city council graffiti programme since 2012.

Having the graffiti removed has also proven to reduce further incidents, which contributes to keeping the cost of graffiti removal down for the rate payer.

Donna Higgs-Herrick

Ms Higgs Herrick wears many hats in her volunteer service for the Canterbury Down Syndrome Association, which she coordinates. She also fundraises, organises events and supports other parents experiencing the challenges and triumphs of having a child with special needs.

Ms Higgs-Herrick established the Listen group which facilitates guest speakers to visit organisations and talk about youth culture. She makes herself available to talk to parents who have children with special needs, imparting her experience and extensive knowledge not only of disabilities but access to the health and education systems.

Joanne Le Gros

Ms Le Gros has been a volunteer for scouting for 20 years and is happily dedicated to the children she serves. She does a minimum of 12 hours a week on planning and running scout activities and teaching children life skills.

Fay Malloch

Ms Malloch has been supporting the Papanui Baptist Freedom Trust’s mainly music project for more than 10 years.

She has been a constant help in the kitchen as well as with the music sessions for many years. As well as helping in the kitchen, she also looks after and encourages young children to interact during the music session.

Sian Nihoniho

Ms Nihoniho has been a key volunteer with the Papanui Baptist Freedom Trust’s friendship Friday community lunch for more than 13 years. She has played a variety of roles in that time, in particular as part of the leadership team working with the community.

Over the years the lunch has attracted a large number of community members who have disabilities, mental illnesses, chronic illnesses, are elderly, unemployed or
are from minority ethnic groups.

Yvonne Palmer

Ms Palmer has been serving the public as a Justice of the Peace for more than 15 years. She has also been an active panellist and facilitator for the Community Justice Panel since its inception five years ago.

As a former Shirley-Papanui Community Board chairwoman and member, she has always been very active beyond the call of duty and still has an extensive network of contacts. Ms Palmer is also a marriage and funeral celebrant, often performing these roles voluntarily.

Peter Simpson

Mr Simpson has been the principal at Belfast School for 23 years and has served the Belfast Community Network since 2006. During that time he has volunteered his own time to support community events and meetings.

The children, staff, local families and the community have all benefitted from the pivotal role Mr Simpson has undertaken in the Belfast community.

Tony Simpson

Mr Simpson has been involved with the city council graffiti programme since it was piloted.

The overwhelming support and commitment from volunteers like Mr Simpson have contributed to the success of this programme and the reduction of graffiti.

Knit and Knatter

The group started in 2007 with five members. The group now has more than 15 members who meet once a fortnight for two hours at the Shirley Community Trust premises. But each of them knit for approximately two or three hours each day.

The group has knitted and crocheted a large variety of items such as blankets, beanies and baby items. Last year the group produced 2000 knitted items and so far this year it has knitted 636.

The knitting is passed onto a variety of organisations, hospitals, pre-school facilities and schools.

The knitters benefit by being able to join together and form friendships over an activity they enjoy while producing a large range of useful items for donation to organisation and agencies.

Rotary Club of Belfast Kaiapoi

The rotary club was established in 1969 and has been providing services to the community ever since.

It works tirelessly to fundraise for community projects in Belfast, Redwood and Kaiapoi. This service group has a major fundraiser each year where members grow and sell over $50,000 of potatoes. The funds raised are donated back to the local community.

Rotary members have ensured all Belfast junior touch module teams have sponsored shirts as well as outfitting the Belfast Community Network with new office furniture, providing youth leadership programmes and support to local schools with various requirements from computers to funds for children who are unable to pay for activities.