Reprogrammed lights ‘good option’

TRIAL: A new plan to be trialed by the city council to try and ease confusion at the St Andrews Hill intersection, has met with approval from Labour MP Ruth Dyson.

Port Hills MP Ruth Dyson is “delighted” at plans to reprogram traffic lights at the St Andrews Hill intersection, designed to ease confusion for motorists.

None of the three options presented for public consultation earlier this year were green lighted by the Linwood-Central-Heathcote Community Board.

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The most popular and option, favoured by 372 of 640 respondents, needed to be funded through the city council’s Long Term Plan, and the board felt it would be better to trial some alternatives in the meantime, due to the high level of concern from residents.

Instead, the community board decided to change the light phasing, which will be trialled for three months and install signs on Bridle Path Rd to slow traffic.

The changes will mean the left arrow light at the Main Rd traffic lights will be reprogrammed to allow for vehicles wanting to turn right off St Andrews Hill Rd onto Bridle Path Rd a better chance to get across a lane.

Ms Dyson applauded the moves as sensible.

“They’re taking a low-cost and in my view, smart option. It may or may not work but it’s worth trialling. If it doesn’t work, then they’ll have to try something else. But we could have a win-win here.”

In last month’s Bay Harbour News, Ms Dyson expressed concern the consultation would amount to nothing.

“It looks like city council staff are going to recommend the board just receives the information from the consultation process. There is no suggestion that anything is actually done as a result,” she wrote in a column.

City council staff will advise the community board on the success of the trial before it makes a submission on the Long Term Plan.