Police shows its funny side on Facebook page

In spite of many using the Canterbury Police Facebook page to make bullying remarks, at times it can also be a place for police to show their sense of humour.

Last Friday, police posted a photo of a booze bus, saying officers would be out and about ensuring people did not drink and drive.

A man commented: “What streets will you be setting up on in case people want to stop by and say gidday?”

Canterbury Police responded: “We’ll be starting at Nicetry Street and then we’ll be moving to Betterlucknexttime Avenue. Hope to see you there!”

In 2014, Samuel Lake went viral when he taunted Canterbury Police under his own wanted mugshot on its Facebook page.

Lake’s comment said: “I need to get a new mugshot.”

Police responded: “Come see us and will arrange at no cost”.

In June, police posted a photo of vintage-looking skis which had been recovered in the hope of returning them to their owner.

“Think Ernest Shackleton may have lost them on his mission to the South Pole,” one cheeky poster said.