No 24/7 police presence for district

Police officers will not be based in the district around the clock in the foreseeable future.

Police chiefs said yesterday that the Rolleston station does not have a set date for when it will go 24/7.

Rolleston was one of four stations across the country earmarked to be staffed 24/7 in 2017/18 as part of the $388 million investment in police announced by Prime Minister Bill English in February.

Canterbury rural area commander Inspector Peter Cooper said the station will need to have more staff before it can. So far four new staff have been confirmed for Rolleston in October.

A further six officers are due next year, however, those are still unconfirmed Inspector Cooper said.

A senior sergeant position will be created in Rolleston, giving the area its “own voice,” he said.

“There has been a considerable increase in population so it is time it had its own senior sergeant,” Inspector Cooper said. The district’s population has grown from 44,595 in 2012/13 to 56,415 in 2016/17, according to the Selwyn District Council.

Currently, a senior sergeant is based in Hornby and oversees the Selwyn District.

Police stats for the year to date in the Selwyn District show there have been 10 aggravated robberies, 45 illegal use of a motor vehicle, 164 unlawful entry with intent to burgle, 59 thefts, not including motor vehicles and 45 thefts of motor vehicles.

In 2016 there were two aggravated robberies, 91 illegal use of a motor vehicle, 394 unlawful entry with intent to burgle, 126 thefts not including vehicles and three thefts of motor vehicles.