Lyttelton Primary’s new outdoor learning space

CREATIVE: Part of the space the school hopes to turn into an outdoor learning space.

The creation of an outdoor learning space is the latest plan for Lyttelton Primary School.

Principal Brendan Wright said an empty patch of grass at the school was a good spot to create an outdoor learning space.

Mr Wright said the first thing they had to do was figure out what activities would best suit the spot.

“We identified that a learning space of some sort was the main thing,” Mr Wright said.

The pupils have suggested several ideas as to what could be included in the space, including a small garden, quiet area to reflect and think, seating and possibly even pizza ovens.

“If it’s a lovely sunny day, it might be nice to be working outside, and we want somewhere to be able to do it,” he said.

Mr Wright said since Lyttelton was an enviroschool, the space needs to incorporate nature and have a positive effect on the surrounding environment.

The school has decided to carry out consultation and invite parents and the wider Lyttelton community to have their say on what they would like to see included.

Mr Wright said they hope to get lots on interest from the community before closing the consultation.

He said he was already aware of several “connections” within the community which were interested in being involved
and putting the plan into action once the details have been finalised..