Kids fundraise for camp

PERFORMERS: Year 8 pupils Annelise Clark and Coby Jansen performed an original song along with songs from Ed Sheeran, James Bay and Adele outside St Martins New World to raise money. The girls made $63.90 over their solid hour of playing.

Parents of pupils from Heathcote Valley School are encouraging their children to raise money to cover their own camp fees.

The year 7 and 8 pupils are in the final stages of planning for the end of year camp. They will spend four days at Peel Forest Eco Lodge learning teamwork, self-management, confronting self-doubt and learning more about the environment.

The camp is often seen as the highlight for the senior pupils every year.

However, it’s not a cheap experience. It costs $350 per pupil, which parents have usually paid and fundraised for.

This year is different though; the school and pupils’ parents are encouraging the children to get involved in the fundraising efforts.

The school is asking the Heathcote Valley community to offer any jobs the 11 and 12-year-olds could handle, such as stacking wood, painting fences, cleaning cars, and raking leaves. The school has an hourly rate of $10 an hour or a set amount for a larger job.

The pupils are getting on board with the project – they have come up with many more great ideas, such as bake sales, busking and dog walking. Some are already under way.

To encourage the pupils further, there are also prizes for those who raise large sums of money. If students raise more than $350 the extra money will then go into a general fund to support pupils who are unable to attend due to financial hardship.

For the children’s safety, they must be accompanied by a parent or guardian to the job and it is the responsibility of that parent or guardian to be comfortable with the arrangements and their safety.

If you have some jobs you think the pupils could do, phone the school on 384 1058 and leave your name and number. They will call back and get a job description.