Recording studio’s fundraiser

WORK: Orange Studio's need $10,000 to varnish the wood in the studio to make it fire resistant and reach city council standards.

Orange Studios needs $10,000 before it can be used, and it is hoping to get a hand from the public.

To be able to host concerts and events the studios have to be updated to fit regulations set out by the city council.

Concert and events co-ordinator​ Charlotte Crone, said they had met most of the requirements, the last is to have the studio’s plywood coated in a varnish that helps make it more fireproof.

“It’s just this last fire safety part that we have to do,” Miss Crone said.

She said need to have the money by July so they can keep the liquor licence and to be able to continue to have public concerts and performances.

“When the earthquake happened a lot of venues closed down and bands were trying to perform anywhere, so we saw it as an opportunity to help out,” she said.

The studio is hosting a series of concerts to help raise the money. A Concert for Concerts is being hosted on May 13, Miss Crone said they are hoping to raise “about a fifth” of what they need.

It will be a cabaret-style show including music, belly dancing, comedy and entertainment.

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