More bin fires in Burnside

Three bins were set alight on Greers Rd and Westburn Tce early on Saturday morning. PHOTO: Google Maps.

Firefighters had a busy night in Burnside dealing with a spate of rubbish bin fires.

Three bins were set on fire in the early hours of Saturday morning, two on Westburn Tce and one on Greers Rd.

Police were notified in all three cases and a dog unit was sent to the area to attempt to track the offender or offenders at about 3.30am.

One of the bins set on fire was near a house on Westburn Tce.

The other bin on fire on that street is the second time it has been set alight, a fire communications spokesman said.

It is the latest in a spate of bin fires that has plagued the area.

Residents are fearful a fire bug will claim lives after a series of sinister blazes in Burnside and Ilam.

Fire Service investigator Mark Thomas said there have been at least five in the area – now there have been three more.

Police are investigating.