Lyttelton pupils get hands on

DESIGNING: Zoey out her designing skills into action.

Lyttelton Primary School has been promoting teaching pupils a mix of skills through Genius Time.

The school started genius time to teach children a mixture of skills. During the sessions pupils can learn and coverage a range of topics. From learning a language to making sculptures, learning to sew, build furniture or cooking.

Pupils work on a range of skills to build creativity and imagination and making the children think about skills outside of the classroom.

Different classrooms use the space differently, spending between half an hour and an hour to do what they think would be best suited for the pupils.

The materials used come from various places, including school resources, pupils homes, donations from the community and through parents.

BUILDING: Zaiden Anderson used an electric drill during his build.

SAFETY FIRST: Bronwyn Homer made sure she had her gloves and ear muffs on before she started building.