Port Hills fires: Some south west suburbs evacuate

EVACUATIONS: Traffic builds on Cashmere Rd as people evacuate. PHOTO: SIMON COOPER.

Residents are being evacuated in the suburbs of Westmorland and parts of Kennedys Bush.

Star.kiwi has talked to people in the area who are packing their cars and evacuating as the fire moves towards the area.

Police are evacuating a subdivision in Kennedys Bush, telling them to go to Pioneer Stadium.

Dave Elder of Kennedys Bush Rd is one of the residents to be evacuated.

He said his wife had just received a phone call from the police at about 4.30pm to evacuate saying the fire has got “too close for comfort”.

Lorraine Elder said she could not recall what the police “she was in such a panic”.

They are staying family in Parklands.

All of her neighbours have been evacuated.

Traffic is bumper to bumper up down Cashmere Rd as residents evacuate.

Police have cordoned off the area to Cashmere Rd and are assisting the Fire Service in evacuating residents along Worsleys Rd.

Parents picking up their children from school in the area are being redirected out of Westmorland.

Several areas have been cordoned off due to the fires, including Victoria Park.

Freelance broadcast journalist Jeff Hampton is at the top of Bengal Dr watching as fire encroaches on Worsleys Rd.

“They will be in big trouble,” he said.

“There is a big front of about 300 metres. You can see embers in the pine trees. There is lots of smoke.”