Port Hills fires: Photos from inside the cordon

FIRE FIGHTERS: Selwyn District rural fighters fighting a flare up at the Early Valley Rd fire. PHOTO: ANDREW KING

MONSOON: Helicopters drop water on the site of a flare-up after ground fire crews asked for help. PHOTO: MARTIN HUNTER

INTENSE HEAT: A car got to close to the heat in the fires. PHOTO: ANDREW KING

LUCKY: Ken and Denise McKenzie sit on a bench outside their scarred property while wild fires continue to rage. They were sure they had lost their home, but it was saved by helicopters dousing it with monsoon buckets. PHOTO: MARTIN HUNTER

SMOKEY: A helicopter is just visible against a wall of smoke as it makes its way into the fire. PHOTO: ANDREW KING

AT WORK: Selwyn District fire fighters pause to look up at the helicopters overhead, amid an ash fire scarred landscape. PHOTO: ANDREW KING

SHED: The remains of a shed in Early Valley Rd. PHOTO: ANDREW KING

SKELETON: The skeleton of a motor bike. PHOTO: MARTIN HUNTER

BATTLING THE BLAZE: Selwyn District fire fighters battle a flare-up. PHOTO: ANDREW KING